Scale and automate your internal operations

Creating a great employee experience has never been easier. Back takes the busywork out of policies, processes, and communication.

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The Automation-First Operations platform

A new approach to internal operations is shaping the future of employee experiences. By embracing Automation-First Operations (AFO), companies remove distractions and make time for human interaction where it matters.

Back unites conversations from Slack, email and Microsoft Teams on one platform

Support employees on any channel

​​For employees, making a request is as easy as sending a message via Slack, MS Teams, or email. No need to log into another tool, and no more wondering how to get support.

Manage all processes and requests on one platform

From service request to sophisticated processes, Back gives your internal operations teams superpowers. Keep employees in the loop and provide excellent support, effortlessly.

Respond to employees' queries with forms and request approvals
Back automatically answers repetitive questions

​​Automate repetitive work

​​Back answers simple questions without your involvement and enables you to put entire processes on autopilot. Spend more time on the work that really needs your attention.

Works across multiple teams


Manage people processes and service requests with ease, while keeping the human touch.


Replace your bulky IT service desk with a slick and highly automated solution.


Collaborate transparently and efficiently with internal and external stakeholders.

Want to see Back in action?

Our product specialists will be happy to take you on a tour, answer any questions, and set you up with a trial account.

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