Most employee experiences are inconsistent and stressful

In the midst of ever-growing complexity in the workplace, expectations toward internal processes, policies, and support have changed. More than ever, employees need a consumer-like experience that fits seamlessly into their routines. One that provides quick, relevant support and assistance whenever they need it.

But the reality in most companies is that dealing with HR, IT, Finance, or other internal operations teams is not as fast, smooth, and transparent as it could be. Things that should be automated are done manually, while human and strategic topics don’t get the attention they deserve.

Luckily, some forward-thinking companies are adapting to the change. They put the time where the priority is, not where manual tasks demand it.


What is Automation-First Operations?

Automation-First Operations (AFO) is a business practice that follows the principle "default to automation" for internal workflows, processes, and service requests.

AFO connects internal operations systems, employee data, and communication channels to deliverer a scalable, frictionless experience whenever employees need help.

By automating repetitive and reactive work, AFO teams have a stronger focus on proactively driving strategic initiatives and offering personalized support wherever necessary.

What tech and people leaders are saying

“I can’t stress enough just how important scalable processes are for sustainable growth. Every company I invest in should embrace Automation-First Operations.”

Christoph Janz
Partner at Point Nine Capital

“HR, IT, Finance, and so on aren’t service teams. Neither are they mere cost centers. They should play an active role in shaping the way we work toward achieving our vision. Automation plays a pivotal role in facilitating this evolution.”

Christian Eggert
CEO of Back

Automate moments that matter

Some moments in an employee's lifecycle at your company are more impactful than others. In these moments, you can't afford letting a crucial step fall through the cracks.

Automation-First Operations lays the foundation for consistently supporting employees during important changes, life events, and milestones.

By automating employee journeys, you can identify areas for improvement and focus on areas that really need your personal attention.


The Automation-First Operations platform

Join these forward-thinking companies that are already using our platform to scale and automate their internal operations.

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